Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Abu Dis Boys say hello!

We (Charlotte and Claudia – Group 6) have now spent our first two weeks at Abu Dis Boys School. We have been made very welcome by the staff at the school and are happy to be working with two classes of boys (8th Grade and 9th Grade). Whilst there are still ongoing teacher strikes at the school, due to teacher's wages being withheld, we are fortunate that so far our time with them has not been too disrupted.

Here are photographs of the students in our classes
Grade 8 Class

Grade 9 Class

Last week we showed them the letter written by some of the students from Hampstead School. They were happy to receive it and give thanks, see the video of Grade 8's above. We have been helping them to write sentences in English about 'a day in Abu Dis' in response to the letter.

Here are some of their sentences about Abu Dis:

My Day in Abu Dis

I eat my breakfast and get ready for school.
I go to school. I learn English.
I play football with my friends.
I go home.
I talk to my friends on Facebook. 
I read the Quran.
I do my homework.
I play computer games.
I go to my bedroom and go to sleep. 

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