Friday, 21 November 2014

This week at Abu Dis Boys School, the students wrote letters to children in England about their lives in Abu Dis. The pupils brought up the usual topics of sport, food and games - and, naturally, a lot of them mentioned the hardships that the Israeli occupation has on their lives and education.

Each of the children then read out the favourite thing that they wrote down.

My favourite was 14 year-old Kalam's, who wrote: I am happy resisting the occupation by knowledge and education.

The children had free reign on how to present their letters and Mohammad wrote his inside a heart. It was particularly nice to read his, as just a few weeks before Israeli soldiers had invaded the school and fired tear gas canisters on the playground - one of which struck his shoulder.

14 year-old Mohammad (right) who was struck by an Israeli tear gas canister whilst playing on the playground.

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